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I told you, if you have been following along, that I would keep you updated on all of my wins and losses, up and downs, while starting this site, and forming it into a profitable career. So. I have gone and done it again. I preach and preach about doing your research before signing up for classes, but I failed to follow my own advice. I purchased some classes from Udemy recently and got exactly what I paid for. I mean exactly, to the letter, what I paid for. I did not get, however what I thought I was purchasing. Let me try to explain.



About two weeks ago I get an email from Udemy about a sale. And of course, this sale ends in 6 hours. Well I am already climbing into bed. So I scroll through the courses being offered, while fighting to keep my eyes open, and find a few classes that interest me. I came across classes on Google Analytics and Google AdWords together that guarantee certifications in 2 days, per course.

I actually have to say it came through, sort of. Within 2 days of starting the course I received a certification from Google Academy for Analytics. I even got a 91% on the first attempt at the test. It’s something I can put on a resume, or advertise on my website. Which is exactly what was advertised in the course description. However, it really isn’t a good idea, at least for me.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


I won’t be advertising the certification because I don’t actually have the knowledge to put it to use. The course never said “We will teach you everything you need to know to pass the test and get your certification.” It only said you will get your certification, and that’s all that happened. I didn’t actually learn anything, except how to take the test.

If you already know how to use Analytics and want to get the certification, this would be for you. However, I am, let’s say undereducated in such things, and I remain painfully so. Luckily the course wasn’t too expensive or I would be a little upset. It was like being in high school again learning how to take standardized placement tests, instead of learning anything I could actually use. There wasn’t even a course to speak of, all I did was take practice tests for 4 hours a day, for 2 days. Then take the exam. I must say, that speaks volumes to the validity of the courses claims when I knew very little/nothing about Analytics, and passed a 90 minute test in 20 minutes with a 91% on the first try.



It isn’t Udemy’s fault I’m disappointed with the class. It isn’t the course author’s fault either. It is no one’s but my own. I should have done my research. I should have paid closer attention to the wording in the course description. I should have looked up 3rd party reviews. I didn’t do those things, and all I have to show for it is a certification that will look fantastic on a resume, once I learn how to use it. So I guess it’s not a total loss, but I am still I little disenchanted. So please, please, please, before you purchase any classes or tools for your site, make sure you do your research.

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